Overview and basic usage

Suggest a builder that can be used to create a deployment package from the specified directory.


stacktape buildpack:suggest

API reference


help (--h)

Shows help for the command

Type: string

  • If specified, the command won't perform any action besides printing help.
logFormat (--lf)

Format of logs printed to your console.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: basicfancyjsonnormal

Available options:

  • fancy: Logs are colorized and dynamically re-rendered.
  • normal: Logs are colorized but not dynamically re-rendered.
  • basic: Simple text only
  • json: Logs are printed as JSON objects
logLevel (--ll)

Level of logs that are being printed to the console.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: debugerrorinfo

Available options:

  • info: Prints basic information about everything that's happening.
  • error: Prints only errors.
  • debug: Prints detailed information about everything that's happening.
profile (--p)

AWS profile to use with the command

Type: string

  • You can manage AWS profiles on your system using aws-profile:create, aws-profile:update or aws-profile:delete command.
  • You can configure the default profile used with every Stacktape command using the defaults:configure command.
sourcePath (--sp)

Path to the directory to synchronize to the bucket

Type: string

  • Can be absolute, or relative to the current working directory.
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