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1. Install Stacktape

1. Install node.js

You can install nodejs using package manager or download directly. Minimum required version is 12.5.

2. Install stacktape

npm install -g stacktape


yarn global add stacktape

3. AWS account

You can use your existing AWS account or create a new account.

4. Configure AWS profile on your system

You can use your existing AWS profile.

If you don't have one, you need to:

  1. Create a new IAM User. Save the credentials.
  2. Create a new AWS profile on your system. You can do it using stacktape
stacktape credentials-create

5. (optional) Docker

Some of the Stacktape's features require Docker. To install Docker on your system, you can follow this guide

6. (optional) Install VS code extension

For an improved developer experience, you can install our VS code extension. The name of the extension is Stacktape.

What is Stacktape?
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