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Setup Stacktape

1. Install Node.js

You can install it using a package manager or download directly. Minimum required version is 12.5.

Standalone executables that don't require Node are coming soon.

2. Install Stacktape

npm install -g stacktape


yarn global add stacktape

3. Configure AWS profile on your system

If you don't have an AWS account, create a new account.

If you don't have an AWS profile configured on your system, follow the configure AWS profile guide.

stacktape credentials-create

4. Install Docker

Some of the Stacktape's features require Docker. To install Docker on your system, you can follow this guide

5. (optional) Install VS code extension

For an improved developer experience, you can install our VS code extension. The name of the extension is Stacktape.

6. Deploy your cloud application

Start from scratch
Guided tutorial to deploy your application from scratch.
Start using a starter project
Choose from ready-made starter projects.