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  • Stacktape collects certain anonymous usage data from the commands you run.
  • This helps us improve your experience. It helps us to:
    • catch bugs and regressions
    • understand how the product is used and what areas to focus on

Error reports

  • When an unexpected error occurs, the error is automatically reported to Sentry error monitoring service.

  • No Personally identifiable information or any sensitive data are reported.

  • Furthermore, the id of the reported error will be printed to the terminal. You can create a Github issue with the supplied error id and more error details. This will help us solve the issue faster.

Usage data

  • When you run a stacktape command, an anonymous usage data are collected to our dedicated analytics endpoint

Overview of the collected data:

commandCommand used
cliArgsused command line arguments (only names, not values)
timestampInvocation timestamp
localePreferred system locale
timeZoneSystem timezone
platformCommand used
systemIdRandom, non-identifiable system signature (UUID)
invokedFrom"cli" or "sdk"
invocationIdUnique identifier of the invocation
durationDuration of the command in milliseconds
outcome"Success", "user interruption" or an error code
versionStacktape version used

This data help us to:

  • Identify most common problems our users are facing. A lot of repeating errors can indicate a bad design, lacking documentation or a hard-to-understand concepts.
  • Identify regressions. For example a command taking unusually long time to execute.
  • Understand how the product is used and prioritize new features.

Disabling data collection

To disable all data collection, just configure an environment variable STP_DISABLE_TELEMETRY=1 before running your command.

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