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Using the CLI

Basic usage

Every command should have the following form:


stacktape <<command>> --option1 <<option1>> --option2 <<option2>> ...more options...


For convenience, you can use aliases for stacktape binary itself and for CLI options.

For example the following command:


stacktape deploy --stage production --region eu-west-1 --configPath path/to/my/config.yml --preserveTempFiles

Can be shortened into:


stp deploy --s production --r eu-west-1 --cp path/to/my/config.yml --ptf


For more convenient usage, Stacktape CLI supports completions for

  • bash
  • zsh
  • powershell.

If stacktape installer detects that you are using one of these shells it will automatically install completions for you.

It will allow you to autocomplete supported commands and their allowed options. If using zsh you will also see short description for each command and option.

Log level

Stacktape prints information about what it's doing to the console. You can customize what's being printed.

You can set log level using:


stacktape <<command>> --logLevel << info | error | debug >>

info (default)Prints basic information about everything that's happening.
errorPrints only errors.
debugPrints detailed information about everything that's happening. Prints every remote call to the AWS services.

Log format

Adjusts the way logs are printed to the console.

You can set log format using:


stacktape <<command>> --logFormat << fancy | normal | json | basic >>

fancy (default)Logs are colorized and dynamically re-rendered.
normalLogs are colorized but not dynamically re-rendered.
basicSimple text only
jsonLogs are printed as JSON objects

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