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Starter projects

Starter projects

Express.js API with Postgres icon

Express.js API with Postgres

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Next.js app using container icon

Next.js app using container

Next.js app using lambda icon

Next.js app using lambda

Django API with Postgres icon

Django API with Postgres

Flask API with Postgres icon

Flask API with Postgres

Gin API with Postgres icon

Gin API with Postgres

Lambda API with DynamoDb icon

Lambda API with DynamoDb

Lambda API with MongoDb icon

Lambda API with MongoDb

Typescript monorepo with pnpm icon

Typescript monorepo with pnpm

Typescript monorepo with pnpm icon

Typescript monorepo with pnpm

Nest.js API with Postgres icon

Nest.js API with Postgres

Remix website container icon

Remix website container

Ruby on Rails API with Postgres icon

Ruby on Rails API with Postgres

Spring Boot API with Postgres icon

Spring Boot API with Postgres

Go lambda with DynamoDB icon

Go lambda with DynamoDB

Java lambda with DynamoDB icon

Java lambda with DynamoDB

Kafka stream processing icon

Kafka stream processing

Lambda API with MySQL icon

Lambda API with MySQL

Lambda app with Redis icon

Lambda app with Redis

Web scraper with Puppeteer icon

Web scraper with Puppeteer

NuxtJs SSR website container icon

NuxtJs SSR website container

NuxtJs SSR website lambda icon

NuxtJs SSR website lambda

Python Lambda with MongoDb icon

Python Lambda with MongoDb

React SPA with Vite.js icon

React SPA with Vite.js

Websocket API with icon

Websocket API with

Svelte SPA with Vite.js icon

Svelte SPA with Vite.js

Tensorflow image classification icon

Tensorflow image classification


Deploying using 3rd party CI


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