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What is Stacktape?

Stacktape is a next-generation, DevOps-free cloud development framework built on top of AWS. Unlike other solutions, Stacktape is simultaneously:

Powerful (like AWS CloudFormation or Terraform)

  • works for virtually any use-case while being flexible, customizable and extensible

Easy to use (like Serverless framework, Heroku or Firebase)

  • provides developer-friendly experience allowing even junior developers to use it

What can Stacktape do for me?

Time to productionweeks to monthshours to days
Lines of configuration1000s10s
Developer experienceclunky and complicatedoptimized and seamless
Required Cloud/DevOps knowledgeHIGHLOW TO NONE
Room for errorHIGHLOW
Infrastructure costsVaryingAs low as possible
Infrastructure qualityVaryingProduction grade
DevOps technical debtAlways growingConstantly minimal

Is Stacktape for me?

Yes, unless:

  • You need an on-premise solution (deploy to your own servers).
  • You can't use AWS. Support for MS Azure and Google cloud will be added late 2022/2023.

Stacktape works for:

  • individuals (free tier included)
  • teams and organizations that require premium features


Setup Stacktape

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