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What is Stacktape

What is Stacktape?

  • Stacktape is a next-generation, DevOps-free cloud development framework
  • Stacktape is an all in one solution. It handles infrastructure provisioning and management, code packaging, application deployments, domain & certifcate management, monitoring, logging, testing, debugging and much more.
  • Stacktape runs on your machine. It doesn't require any additional infrastructure or configuration. You just download it and use it.
  • Stacktape is built on top of AWS. It also integrates with other 3rd party service providers (such as MongoDB Atlas).

What can Stacktape do for me?

1. Reduce the amount of configuration by up to 99%

  • Stacktape handles DevOps tasks for you. You no longer need to write 100's or 1000's of lines of configuration just to deploy a simple application.

2. Remove the complexity from building cloud applications

  • Stacktape is usable by every developer. You don't need to be a Cloud or DevOps expert to build a production-grade cloud application.

3. Improve developer experience

  • Stacktape is made for developers, by developers. It's fast, intuitive, has helpful error messages with hints & much more. It also comes with a VS code extension.

4. Reduce room for errors

  • Using AWS is very complex and misconfiguration is very common. Stacktape drastically lowers the chance this will happen.

5. Lower infrastructure costs

  • Stacktape configures your infrastructure in the most cost-effective way possible. It protects you from most of the AWS pricing loopholes.

6. Improve infrastructure quality

  • Stacktape gives you production-grade infrastructure by default. It's reliable, scalable, secure & fast.

Can Stacktape handle my infrastructure needs?

Yes. Stacktape supports all of the most commonly used cloud resources, including:

  • Lambda functions
  • Containers
  • Batch-jobs
  • SQL databases (Postgres, MySQL, etc.)
  • NoSQL databases (DynamoDb, MongoDb Atlas)
  • Storage buckets
  • API Gateways & Load balancers
  • Redis clusters
  • Cognito user pools
  • and more

Furthermore, you can extend Stacktape configuration with any AWS-supported resource (using AWS Cloudformation).

Example use-cases

  • Hosting websites behind a CDN
  • Websocket APIs
  • Data-processing pipelines, ETL jobs
  • Machine learning pipelines
  • Webhooks, data-scrapers, integrations
  • and more
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