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Installing and Versioning


Install using an installation script


iwr -useb | iex
  • After the installation is complete, you might need to manually add Stacktape bin folder to the PATH environment variable. To do it, follow the instruction printed to the terminal.

Install manually

  • To install Stacktape manually, you can download it directly from Github releases page.

  • Extract the archive to any <<home_folder>>/.stacktape/bin.

  • Add <<home_folder>>/.stacktape/bin to your PATH environment variable.

Installing specific version

  • To install a specific version, use STACKTAPE_VERSION=<<version>> environment variable before running the install script


$env:STACKTAPE_VERSION="2.0.0" && iwr -useb | iex

Semantic versioning

Stacktape tries to follow the semantic versioning as closely as possible.

There might be a small breaking change introduced in minor version from time to time, but all of these are documented on the releases page.

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