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Writing config in TypescriptWork in progress
Work in progress


  • Besides YAML, you can write your configuration in Javascript and Typescript.
  • This is useful, if have a lot of dynamic behavior in your configuration.
  • Please note that you can also add dynamic behavior to your templates using directives.


Writing your configuration in javascript or typescript is straightforward.


export default {
// your configuration

When using the CLI, Stacktape will automatically pick up the configuration, if you name it stacktape.js. Stacktape picks up the configuration files in the following order:

  • YAML
  • JSON
  • Typescript
  • Javascript

Using Stacktape Typescript types

To improve your development experience, you can use typescript types provided by the @stacktape/sdk package. To install it, run


npm install @stacktape/sdk



yarn add @stacktape/sdk

For javascript files, you can use it in the following way:


/** @type {import('@stacktape/sdk').StacktapeConfig} */
const config = {
// your config
export default config;

For typescript files:


import { StacktapeConfig } from '@stacktape/sdk';
const config: StacktapeConfig = {
// your config
export default config;
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