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Overview and basic usage

Prints logs from the specified resource to the console.

stacktape logs --stage <<stage>> --region <<region>>

API reference

Command options API reference
region (--r)

AWS region for given command.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: af-south-1ap-east-1ap-northeast-1ap-northeast-2ap-northeast-3ap-south-1ap-southeast-1ap-southeast-2ca-central-1eu-central-1eu-north-1eu-south-1eu-west-1eu-west-2eu-west-3me-south-1sa-east-1us-east-1us-east-2us-west-1us-west-2

stage (--s)

Stage to deploy your stack to. Example stages are production, staging, etc.

Type: string

configPath (--cp)

Path (relative to cwd) to your stacktape configuration file. By default, it's stacktape.yml.

Type: string

currentWorkingDirectory (--cwd)

Current working directory. All file paths in your config will be resolved relatively to specified cwd. Default: directory containing configuration file.

Type: string

filter (--f)

Prints only the logs that match this pattern

Type: string

logFormat (--lf)

Format of logs that are being printed to your console. You can learn more at https://docs.stacktape.com/cli/using-cli Default: 'fancy'

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: basicfancyjsonnormal

logLevel (--ll)

Level of logs that are being printed to the console. You can use 'debug' for more information about what's being done, or 'error' to show only errors. Default: 'info'

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: debugerrorinfo

profile (--p)

AWS profile to use.

Type: string

raw (--rw)

Prints logs in raw JSON format.

Type: boolean

resource (--res)

Name of the resource as specified in stacktape config. To specify a container inside a container workload, use {resource-name}:${container-name} syntax.

Type: string

startTime (--st)

Start time from which the logs are printed. Can be anything acceptable by javascript Date constructor: https://www.w3schools.com/js/js_date_formats.asp

Type: string