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Overview and basic usage

Prints information about the specified stack.

You can get the information in 2 ways:

  • simple (default): prints helpful links and parameters of the deployed stack to the terminal.
  • detailed (used if you specify the --detailed flag): saves detailed information about the stack to a file. By default, the output is saved to stack-info.yaml. This can be configured using --outFile and --outFormat options.

In the detailed mode:

  • If the stack is deployed and you specify projectName, stage and region you'll get overview of the deployed stack.

  • If the stack is deployed and you additionally supply a configuration (stacktape template), you will see both resources from configuration and deployed resources in the result. Depending on the difference between configuration and deployed resources, status of the resource can be either DEPLOYED, TO_BE_CREATED or TO_BE_DELETED, suggesting what will happen to the resource if you deploy (update) the stack.

  • If the stack is NOT deployed and you specify projectName, --stage, --region and supply a configuration, you'll get an overview of resources that will be created if you deploy the stack.

Sensitive values (such as database credentials) are omitted by default. If you want to include them, use --showSensitiveValues flag.


stacktape stack:info --region <<region>>

API reference


region (--r)
stage (--s)
awsAccount (--aa)
configPath (--cp)
detailed (--d)
help (--h)
logFormat (--lf)
logLevel (--ll)
outFile (--out)
outFormat (--of)
profile (--p)
projectName (--prj)
showSensitiveValues (--ssv)

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