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Overview and basic usage

Deploys the stack (specified stage of your project) to AWS using AWS Codebuild.

  • Codebuild deployment is executed on provisioned resources directly within your AWS account.
  • Executing deployment using codebuild offloads your local resources.
  • Overview of the process:
    1. Project is zipped and uploaded to bucket in your account.
    2. Codebuild build environment (dedicated VM) is provisioned.
    3. Deployment is started.
    4. Deployment is monitored and logs are continuously printed to the terminal
  • If the stack doesn't exist, creates a new one. If the stack already exists, updates it.
  • Requires a valid stacktape configuration file in the current working directory or configuring a path to the config file using --configPath option.


stacktape codebuild:deploy --stage <<stage>> --region <<region>>

API reference


region (--r)
stage (--s)
autoConfirmOperation (--aco)
awsAccount (--aa)
configPath (--cp)
currentWorkingDirectory (--cwd)
disableAutoRollback (--dar)
disableDriftDetection (--ddd)
dockerArgs (--da)
help (--h)
hotSwap (--hs)
logFormat (--lf)
logLevel (--ll)
noCache (--nc)
preserveTempFiles (--ptf)
profile (--p)
projectName (--prj)
showSensitiveValues (--ssv)
templateId (--ti)

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