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Overview and basic usage

Updates the specified AWS CloudFormation infrastructure module private types to the newest available compatible version.

  • AWS CloudFormation infrastructure modules are used to integrated 3rd party services to your AWS CloudFormation stack.
  • If the API of the 3rd party service provider changes (this happens very rarely), use this command to update Stacktape's infrastructure modules available in your account to the latest version (supporting the new API).


stacktape cf-module:update --region <<region>>

API reference


region (--r)

AWS region to use for the current operation.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: af-south-1ap-east-1ap-northeast-1ap-northeast-2ap-northeast-3ap-south-1ap-southeast-1ap-southeast-2ca-central-1eu-central-1eu-north-1eu-south-1eu-west-1eu-west-2eu-west-3me-south-1sa-east-1us-east-1us-east-2us-west-1us-west-2

help (--h)

Shows help for the command

Type: string

  • If specified, the command won't perform any action besides printing help.
logFormat (--lf)

Format of logs printed to your console.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: basicfancyjsonnormal

Available options:

  • fancy: Logs are colorized and dynamically re-rendered.
  • normal: Logs are colorized but not dynamically re-rendered.
  • basic: Simple text only
  • json: Logs are printed as JSON objects
logLevel (--ll)

Level of logs that are being printed to the console.

Type: string ENUM

Possible values: debugerrorinfo

Available options:

  • info: Prints basic information about everything that's happening.
  • error: Prints only errors.
  • debug: Prints detailed information about everything that's happening.
profile (--p)

AWS profile to use with the command

Type: string

  • You can manage AWS profiles on your system using aws-profile:create, aws-profile:update or aws-profile:delete command.
  • You can configure the default profile used with every Stacktape command using the defaults:configure command.
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